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medical record online

Health service has not been well integrated and are still sectoral. medical record online can reduce the complexity and cost incurred when accessing the public health service. for stakeholders to enhance system integration and synergy between the health of the business of health service centers. more than one principle must be considered when developing and moving the system. These systems provide benefits to patients and health service providers of service and cost aspects of health that need to be removed. more than one factor may affect the business application systems. takes on three major aspects of preparation before the time the application which includes the preparation of technology, human and support resources.

in one sector only, curative service; people often have to switch from one health service to another health service for one reason or another subject. at times like that people have to repeat the same control of the common questions like name, age, address, complaint, and so on until repeating controls that support will not be cheap.
This subject certainly inconvenient and adds cost to be paid by the patient which in turn could lead to treatments that are not complete due to the hassles and high prices are.

one of the causes of this matter is not yet integrated system of medical records (medical records) to within a single system with online. the integrated system of health data already existing clients need not be repeated again if the data for that really should be on the up date for the new data so that no inconvenience to the patient. in this system all service must have a standard format relating to patient information at-entry.

for stakeholder purposes (stake holders) the application of this system is very useful for public health data reporting systems to the online health data, for example, increased prevalence of specific diseases can be up to date with automatic updates to ease in, study and publication of health data.

then this system can also indirectly increase the synergy between preventive promotive service system with curative service. tendency of the disease pattern in one place can speedily respond to preventive and curative efforts regarding specific health problems.

mrdical record online system

MRo ( medical record online) is a medical record keeping system that is probably a more easy access to the user / party which requires data that can be done with virtual (wireless).
This system is very likely someone who has the authority (patients and physicians) for accessing data in good health health problem in the form of data, detailed consultation, the recommended treatment, and is moved, the results of the assessment and control and copies of letters or other documents

application of the principle
there are three principles that need to be maintained within a single application of the MRO privacy, security, and confidentiality of patient data. This principle must be maintained so as not to violate the rights of patients.
Another principle of this system is sharable, meaning that the patient's medical information can be exchanged between health service center that no unnecessary duplication of data between the central service that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service and increase the synergy between the central service
storage of medical records with online has more than one advantage penyimpana dibandingakan with the traditional medical record by covering the patient or physician can access her medical records from the computer whenever desired
only those who have the authority (the authority) who can see an electronic medical records online
updating electronic medical records easier than updating a file in the form of paper
select and track the MRO more easily
data storage with MRO provide a single location which can be stored safely in all medical records without worrying about theft, fire or sudden loss
not only that the application of this system can also reduce costs incurred by patients who need
increase the initial cost will be reduced by a significant pengehamatan in cost for a doctor or a health insurance company.
it is possible for each person in the health care team to coordinate care for. This subject can prevent duplication of controls and treatment
unnecessary delays especially during emergency conditions because of patient data can be accessed directly.
very likely to make many simultaneous connected with the same info but can also save time and cost.

factors that alter the success of the implementation of single medical record online
two main factors that alter the successful implementation of this system of leadership of the implementing unit
leadership is closely related to the length of time in the application of principles and a clear vision and grounded. This principle will be realized in the realization of cost or resource support the implementation of the system.
A. especially the involvement of all components related to the design or operation of the system.

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